Product Options

Discount Cards

  • Local retailers

  • Custom design for your program

  • Discounts valid for 1 year and reusable through out the year

  • $10 -$20 options

Discount Tickets

  • Discount tickets will have 12-20 local merchants and will have 48-60 discounts

  • Customized for your program and will include group photos, action shots, schedules, etc

  • The discounts will be valid for one year

  • We secure all of the discounts, design the ticket and implement the program

  • $20 product


  • Build residual income for your program

  • Customized product and website

  • Mobile app platform

  • 200+ national brands

  • Your supporters earn cash back

  • Direct Sale

Online Fundraising Campaign

  • Expand your fundraiser to a national level by connecting with people via email, and text

  • Leverage a pre-designed website to host your fundraiser

  • Share on social media with the click of a button

  • Accept payments easily online and track your purchases or donations

Cookie Dough and Other Foods

  • Delicious gourmet cookie dough, & other frozen foods

  • Convenient order form sales

  • 40% profit for your group

  • All orders will be student packed and ready for delivery

Entertainment Books and Digital Memberships

  • 50-60% profit for your group

  • Nation-wide discounts with hard copy option and annual membership with the digital phone app

Multiple Products with School/Group Logo

  • Cell phone pop-sockets

  • Custom tumblers