Full impact fund raising not only puts out a great discount card that fans
want to purchase, they understand what it is like to be a coach and
provide great support and help to quickly raise large sums of money. Time
is precious and we do not want fund raising to get in the way of our
coaching. I highly recommend Full impact to help with your fund raising
needs. They are trustworthy and high character people. Give them a
chance and you will not want to work with any other group.
— Brian Brazil // Hebron High School Football Head Coach
If you are looking for a fundraiser that can help you raise a big profit for your program in a short amount of time, puts the customers first (athletes and coaches), and are experts in creating a product you can sale, then Bill McKown and Full Impact are who you need to use. We have been selling Full Impact cards for 6 years now. We have consistently raised $12,000 while only selling the cards for 2 weeks. Bill is a fantastic motivator, who loves kids, and helping people succeed at their goals.
— Kasie Brewer // Rockwall Girls Basketball Head Coach

Full Impact has changed my perspective on selling products to raise funds for my program. We have averaged $6000+ profit over the last 3 years. We have sold cards and popcorn. Bill is a stand up guy and is as authentic as they come. My athletes enjoy working for the rewards that Full Impact offers. Bill and his company are the best in the business!
— Maggie Younger - Head Volleyball Coach Rockwall-Heath

I am pleased to be working with Bill McKown and Full Impact Fundraising for our fundraising needs. They are very professional, helpful, and courteous to our vendors and student/athletes. We continue to see great returns for our efforts.
— Greg Owens - Sulphur Springs Athletic Director